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This site is provided as a quick reference and direct link to Safecity's Support Staff for the Upgrade TAA to TAE service.  You can start your Upgrade TAA to TAE process immediately by E-mailing us a copy of your TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment certificate for evaluation. 

Please make sure your certificate includes the list of units of competency you completed.  This list is essential for the process of evaluation.  Additionally please let us know your current training status.  We need to know if you are currently delivering training within the NVR



upgrade taa to tae

Please do not alter the subject of the message about the upgrade taa to tae qualification free evaluation.  Please include as much detail as possible about your current training and assessment activities.



If you wish to read detailed information about the TAA Upgrade process conducted by Safecity Training Academy Openlearning Network, please visit the TAA Upgrade official page.  In this page you will find an outline of the process for recognition that we use.  You will also find detailed information about the unit of competency involved in the Upgrade TAA to TAE process.  The website also provides you with a link which you may use to send questions to our support staff.  To visit the official upgrade TAA to TAE site please click on the banner below. 

Visit our TAA to TAE upgrade official site now





If you are interested in finding out more about the terminology acronyms, and references used in the new TAE10 Training Package, please visit our upgrade TAA to TAE website.  This site include a more general information about Safecity's TAE Upgrade process of recognition.  It also includes a comprehensive list of all the terms, acronyms and references used in the new TAE Training Package.  Knowledge about these updated terms is essential to you as a professional trainer delivering competency based training within the NVR.   You will encounter many of these terms during your upgrade TAA to TAE process.

If you are teaching the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment knowledge of the new terms, acronyms and references used is essential to you since your students will be required to study and correctly interpret these terms.


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The upgrade TAA to TAE process is an important step to your professional career.  It not only is a mandatory requirement that must be completed before July 1st 2013, it is also evidence that you are committed to the principle of continuous improvement   For this reason it is essential that the TAA Upgrade process be conducted ethically and in full compliance with the regulatory authority.  With over 16 years of experience as a professional, ethical and well reputed Registered Training Organization,  Safecity Training Academy will streamline the TAE Upgrade process without abusing the fair and flexible provisions for recognition contained in the TAE10 Training Package.  



upgrade taa to tae






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